Good morning all !

We hope everything is for the best, and that the recent government announcements will be able to allow you to organize yourself to secure the people you love, and activate the solidarity around you, by being serene financially and socially.

Here is a point on the situation of our service to date, and likely to evolve in the coming days depending on new measures and / or operating situation of companies necessary for our general operation.

> Maintenance of work and shipments:
We maintain our work and our shipments (except collection points). We live and work in a small village. The road to get to our place of work is little used, and, on the spot, the space is widely available so that we can respect the recommendations of the government.

> Supplies:
We try to be as vigilant as possible about the stock situation so as not to mislead you. This is more daring than usual, but we know that you would be understanding in the event of a possible error. This beginning of the year having already been a bit chaotic on certain references.

> Changes in the situation:
In the event of a change in the situation, this could be immediate without us being able to send the pending packages. If ever the "estimated" delivery date were suddenly changed to a distant date, this will mean that the situation no longer allows the maintenance of our activity in reasonable sanitary conditions and / or that we have to face a decree prohibiting us from maintaining our activity temporarily and / or that an important service necessary for our activity is blocked (for example La Poste).

In any case, we thank you for your confidence and your messages of support in dealing with this extraordinary situation.

In all cases, it is absolutely necessary to prioritize the health of our loved ones, families, friends and fellow humans, whatever it costs the rest.

We hope that the management of this crisis will make it possible to return to normal quickly, to enjoy our beautiful French life again; café terraces, restaurant, park, Renault 4 or Estafette rides, ....

Le Temps Jadis, our Rally 4 Renault Estafette event in Uzes in July is not immediately questioned.

See you soon for new adventures,


The whole team of