Passionate from the first hour, we make every effort to bring you a service "as if it were for us" !

The parts that we provide equip our cars, which serve us daily, since we are always on board of them, Estafette or Renault 4, for the private or professional life! To the despair of our accountant, who would like to see us buy a recent van for "investment and VAT" :)

Our regular inventory must allow you not to order a part that will not be shipped immediately ! What a horror to order something available, and receive a message of unavailability ! Unfortunately, this happens sometimes, but we always try to apply the communication that goes with it, and to make sure that things are honest and free of any lies, even if for that we sometimes lost face with announcements delay because of poor communication with our supplier, we learn too !

We adapt our site to the disappointments encountered by customers, for example, on pre-sales, where efforts for understanding are still to be done, but there is already better ! It is shaped by us, according to our criteria of understanding and navigation. We hope that it reflects our expertise and our knowledge of the models, our passion too, via the blog and the adjacent communication updated regularly.

We work hand in hand with our suppliers. We are able to modify the technical characteristics of our products, to make them even more compliant and adapted to your expectations! Some things need to be improved, again, Paris was not done in a day! But every morning, we get up bearing in mind that the offer available on our website will always be better!

We always try to treat the S.A.V. with the most sincerity and seriousness possible, knowing the joys and disappointments of online shopping, and especially, the imperatives, when the car is on deck!

Here are the links to our small community of fans, who follow us, and share with us their passions, during the 4L & Estafette aperitifs the first Friday night of each month (check on Facebook), come to participate in the event that we Let's organize, Le Temps Jadis, to the exits programmed by our page The Sucker, or Estafette Trippers .... In short, our life in Renault 4 and in Estafette :)

Here is the link to our notations :) You can contribute, if you wish, we think that this is important.

Remember, to any problem a solution, the best is to contact us by using the means listed on our contact page!

NB: These images are not interractive, it may change a bit;) The date of these screen is 16.12.17