Note Renault Estafette and R4 rear brakes:
I take this opportunity to work on my body to remind you that for the Renault Estafette and R4 having the distributor controlled by the load (pallet which presses on the piston of the distributor by means of a rod for the Estafette), it is necessary to bleed the system with the rear wheel activating the distributor (on the right on the estaf) on the ground (or any means that simulates the wheel on the ground), so as to open the distributor for the purge!
The function of the latter is to reduce the effectiveness of braking at the rear in the event of heavy braking which transfers all the mass to the front wheels (generally when empty). The rear arm, moving away from its original position, releases the distributor piston (similar effect to lifting the body with a jack, wheel hanging). The piston moves and reduces or closes the supply of brake fluid to the rear wheels.
We have calls for that on Monday morning 😂😂😂
Kisses the little cats and happy Sunday crafts 😘😘😍😍😍
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frein arrière renault estafette

Come on Hop!!
This weekend, little test of this prototype before launching another prototype by the manufacturing plant.
We will be able to investigate two 180mm fans in suction on the bazaar.
Also test the holes to see if they are exactly the same...
The activities are stalling on their own, we're not bored friends 😂😂😂
Good last straight line to all before a little weekend of recovery! 😘😘
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radiateur gros volume renault r4 4l 2
radiateur gros volume renault r4 4l 3
FINALLY !! Big Volume 4L radiator from VA, you've been bothering me for so long to produce one 😅😅
Work in progress.
At the start of 2023, I am testing this product during manufacture (A water box is missing on the left, during manufacture for those who may have noticed).
A little news that I wanted to share with you.
See you soon little cuties!!
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radiateur gros volume renault r4 4l
The advantage of the holidays is that you can catch up on work that is behind!
So this afternoon, test of radiator prototypes for Renault Estafette. Here the heating and the radia for model before 77.
I'm happy, because it makes me come back to the game personally after 2 years of deviating on personal/pro projects not directly related to my cars (but real estate and VA developments).
So, 2023, it's going to be crazy on several levels, new parts, a well-optimized VA, and, personally, a return to my little boxes to take advantage of road trips!!
Come on, I'll give you some news once these prototypes are installed in the HiFly 😘😘😘😘
Hugs the chickens!!
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radiateurs renault estafette
Gallery 4L project
We're not bad at all, but there are enough things that "muss" me, so that I want to ask for corrections and a new prototype. We will therefore have to wait a little longer for the rabbits! The biggest is done, it won't take too long before we launch a first production!
We want to put this on our crates to make them nice and beautiful, the product has to be too 😉😉🤙🤙
Good aperitif and see you soon!!
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projet galerie 4l
Proto Refab!
Hey, isn't there a trick there, the little traffic jams?
We feel the year 2023, right?
Who's planning to make a joint of cucu soon to test this (or play it with the float pan during New Year's Eve)? 😅😅
Come on, enjoy the end of the week,
Happy holidays to all, and see you very soon in 2023 😘😘😘😘
PS: there will probably be one or two news before, on the test of new parts 🤩
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sonde temperature culasse renault r4 4l estafette
News Project 4x100.
Well, little rabbits, suddenly, I'm waiting for new prototypes for this project, because in the end, I chose not to keep the original 4L studs and to switch to M12x150, which seems more logical ( and more practical to do stupid things 🤩🤩).
As a result, this leads to a fixatic of the discs reviewed and corrected, and unlike the first project, the use of 4L discs will not be possible (if there is a revolt of the people, I can still go out with gongs in M10 and the use of 4L discs).
In both cases, we obviously keep the hub carrier, caliper, bearings of the 4 L 😘😘😘
In short, to be continued!!
Well, see you later little cats 😍😍😍
PS: worse for the moment, I fit into the budget of 500€ the 4 wheels bearings and discs included 😅😅
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projet 4x100 renault r4 4l
This afternoon I finish the tests of the aluminum radiators of Estafette, Meca + the small heating, the gallery, the proto kit of protection plates 4L with a new price of dingo, snorkel not in PVC tube with toilets, and I got my 4L back with this little ongoing project. Good work, 2023, it's going to be hard 😘😘😘
Kisses the little cats, we keep to the juice!!
Enjoy these last weeks of 2022!!
PS: we break on vacation from 22.12, so if you need parts to tinker between Christmas and the NYD, you have to go 😘😘😅
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collecteur 4 en 1 renault r4 4l

Well, the calendar starts later, we're going to try not to get tangled up in appointments, but it should be fine!
Already appointments made, there's more to continue!!!

click and collect vehicules anciens fr

Hey!!! What better way to celebrate the new commercial premises than a little news on the gallery project for our beautiful 4l? As we have already explained, we are starting from a vintage OLD gallery to execute this project :-)

Soon available in presale after I tested this pre-production on Sandrine's car, as usual!!

galerie Renault R4 4L neuve