There will be no expeditions the week of 12.09.22 to 18.09.22, because we are requisitioned to provide mechanical assistance for the Raid "Terre d'Aventure" in Aveyron.

Link to the Raid organizer:

Your orders will be recorded and shipped from 19.09.22!

See you soon darlings!


Pinzgauer 712M assistance raid vehicules anciens fr

This weekend, Martin participated in the 4L Trop Fait raid, a great raid in the Volvestre, a magnificent place in our beautiful country of France! 3 days of exceptional organization, well-crafted road books, a great atmosphere and an organization that knows how to give us a great weekend!

Can't wait for the 2023 edition, even if they say that this edition was the last!!

Congratulations to all !


4L Trop Fait 2022 1


4L Trop Fait 2022 2

You are a novice and have just purchased your Renault Estafette. Here is a very simple operation to approach the maintenance of your vehicle. Often, this aging part can be partially obstructed and prevent proper cooling. Here are some ideas to get you started! Click on the photo !

depose repose radiateur renault estafette ventilateur electrique

Hey, here are some ideas for changing the window seals of your Renault R4 4L equipped with a plastic frame yourself! To read the article, click on the photo! Kisses to all and good crafts!

Coulisse vitre renault R4 4L 1

For those who are not mechanics and who want to know what they are getting into for this operation, here is something to understand a little about the job to be done. It's not long, it's not hard, but it takes a bit of method. It shouldn't cost you much if you delegate the operation. Otherwise, we have the spare parts already assembled ready to install.

Click on the image to read the article ;-)


roulement galet tendeur renault R4 4L estafette 1


Here is some information for installing your instruments in your Renault R4 4L or Renault Estafette. Click on the image to read the tutorial!


Find in this article the mounting tips for our VA87501-KVD dual fan kit. Click on the image to be redirected to the tutorial! :-)


kit ventilateur additionnel renault R4 4L 5

To find, the tutorial for the installation of this probe. Follow the link to read the article, by clicking on the image ;-)

sonde montage double ventilateur renault 4 2

paiement 4X sans frais

New option on our site! Pay in 4X free of charge thanks to Paypal! Do not hesitate to take advantage of this new option to improve your shopping experience and the management of your budget!

We have improved our fuel pumps, in particular on 2 points:
> Calibration of the outlet pressure recorded in the specifications, we had forgotten the first time, thinking they knew, and we had some feedback,
> Priming lever for lever pumps which allows mounting on Estafette and 4L Billancourt engines, which was not the case before,
> Foundry revisited and improved.

There's more to the little wolves !!

pompe a essence Renault 4 R4 4L Estafette avec levier amorcage 2