This afternoon I finish the tests of the aluminum radiators of Estafette, Meca + the small heating, the gallery, the proto kit of protection plates 4L with a new price of dingo, snorkel not in PVC tube with toilets, and I got my 4L back with this little ongoing project. Good work, 2023, it's going to be hard 😘😘😘
Kisses the little cats, we keep to the juice!!
Enjoy these last weeks of 2022!!
PS: we break on vacation from 22.12, so if you need parts to tinker between Christmas and the NYD, you have to go 😘😘😅
Go to your favorite site for Renault 4L and Estafette parts:
collecteur 4 en 1 renault r4 4l

Well, the calendar starts later, we're going to try not to get tangled up in appointments, but it should be fine!
Already appointments made, there's more to continue!!!

click and collect vehicules anciens fr

Hey!!! What better way to celebrate the new commercial premises than a little news on the gallery project for our beautiful 4l? As we have already explained, we are starting from a vintage OLD gallery to execute this project :-)

Soon available in presale after I tested this pre-production on Sandrine's car, as usual!!

galerie Renault R4 4L neuve

This Monday 28.11, we are resuming shipments of your orders! However, as we have set up a new organization, we are putting a safety date so that you will not be disappointed if we ever fall behind!

We think that the opening of the Click & Collect can be done in the beginning of December!!

A new page is turning in our little activity, it's so cool!!

Come on, vroom vroom, we're going back to be ready!!

Kisses to all !


porte clé


Hello everyone,

Normally, everything is set, so we will soon move our small business! This move is scheduled for 21.11 until 04.12.22 at the latest!

During this time, the site will be in catalog version, which means that you will not be able to place an order, so that we can resume in our new space with order and method, your satisfaction is at stake!

The week before the move, it is possible that we stop taking orders earlier, in order to guarantee the departure of all the packages whose orders have been registered by the site, so it will be a somewhat special period!

We follow all this step by step!

See you soon!




And that's it, we're getting a little closer to physical contact with the client, and to work in greatly improved comfort! Here are some pictures of the installation of our new workspace! A nice early Christmas present, isn't it?

There is still a bit of work to be able to make the move, then to start the activity at this new address!!

Regarding the changes for our customers, a Click & Collect option will initially be available; you will have to place an order on the site, it will be prepared and then an appointment will be offered to pick up your parts (no order modification possible on site). All of this will follow soon!

Have a nice weekend everyone and see you soon!!


nouveau hangar renault R4 4L estafette 5

Here is the first result of our work for the reissue of Renault Estafette window locks. These products will be tested on a car to see their conformity, and then, if all goes well, launched in production.

The white plastic spacer that appears in the photo, is used for the Renault Estafette Microcar Luxe, in order to shift the lock for the rear sliding window furthest from the slider ;-)


verrous vitre renault estafette

Hey, thanks to you and your trust, we can develop small projects that are out of the ordinary. Here, we are talking about fitting 4x100 rims, to widen the choice of rims (look, width, diameter) for example, to better balance the wheel attachment!

I agree, I didn't choose the best rims for the test (in fact, I stole the wheels from Sandrine's Twingo ^^ ). But, it was necessary to do the test to check the dimensions and positioning, and for the rims, to work on the ETs which can be mounted in place of the original rims. So the rims from twingo, if I'm not mistaken, from the 5x13 ET38.

Following this prototype assembly, I went back to stock, to still enjoy my beautiful 3-hole Minilite VA35011-MNL rims!

So much for yesterday's news!


moyeu 4x100

That's it, we're about to close a chapter, with this sliding door seal for Renault Estafette! This one was reproduced from a piece in good condition found on an Estafette. His test is in progress! Soon news!

joint butoir inferieur porte coulissante chauffeur renault estafette

This joint received yesterday is being validated on my Renault R4 4L F4 van to launch the production very soon! Something new to follow!

joint superieur de porte arriere de Renault R4 4L fourgonnette F4