The 4Alpes is finished!

This year, more than 110 Renault 4 took part in the Raid! It's an extraordinary adventure with a great organization. Families welcome :-)

We returned the heart full of beautiful pictures, beautiful meetings, beautiful 4L at the start, crews at the top! But we are back, so we still have the photos taken during this trip!

Renault estafette 4alpes 000

The objective of this participation was to comfort the mechanical team (and to be part of it) by bringing a small stock of parts so that participants do not find themselves stuck for a "stupid" failure.

On this occasion, we will create a small article later to help you prepare your small stock of coins on the occasion of this raid for example!

No failure on the Estafette, or the air volute that exploded in the fan :-) Fortunately, Logan, a participant helped us by giving us an electric fan, because in 18% passes, cooling...

Note that our hub kit has held up perfectly !! Once again, this assembly gave us confidence in the car, imagine a loss of wheel at the descent of the pass by the brittle paths?

Go, enough discussion, place in the photos!

That's it, we just received our beautiful prototypes of front turn signal lens for Renault Estafette! It's a great job !!

Finally result for the most problematic project of our current projects !! We validate it very quickly, and we launch the prod! For the moment, the date announced at the end of the year is widely held!

Book yours >>

renault estafette prototypes cabochon estafette


Partners 4Alpes for the second year in a row, Eric asks us to come this time to participate in the Staff, as a parts supplier and mechanic!

For this super tempting adventure, the idea is mainly to move the spare part after 4L. This Raid taking place on our holidays, it was necessary to combine the spirit family and mechanic / storekeeper. Proposal is made to leave with my faithful ... Camping car Surfwagon Hifly!

Sources :
Facebook 4Alpes :
Site web 4Alpes :
Facebook Estafette SurfWagon Hifly :

renault estafette hifly

Far from being a show car, he is ready to go barouder! Already proven on many road trips, this super reliable truck is not afraid of drops, pebbles or water. Briefly arranged inside, it will be perfect to ensure logistics!

For the 3rd year in a row, we are organizing the 4L gathering (and derivatives) and Estafette THE JADIS TIME!

This gathering in a friendly atmosphere celebrates our dear cars!

Check out this event if you do not already know it by following this link!

Unfortunately, during the setting up and storage of this event, we can not ensure the departure of orders. We apologize. The site remains open to receive your orders, and we will resume shipments upon our return.

At your service,

Regards, staff



Hey, guys, 11 pallets of 4L brake drums! We paid the beer, but at 7:00 we did not have many people ;-) ;-) ;-)

So, still new stock to roll our beautiful cars! :-)

renault r4 4l tambours de frein

Arrival on the following references:
- Double circuit wheel cylinders Estafette,
- 4L 3-way brake distributor,
- Estafette 3-way brake distributor,
It's not a beautiful announcement that before the weekend ??
Our work paid! We managed to get a small part of the production from the factory in order to speed up the troubleshooting of the customers waiting. So, we should have 50 pairs of dual circuit cylinders, 50 3-way R4 4L splitters, and 50 3-way splitters for Renault Estafette in first half of April!
First to order, first served! After, it will wait until this summer!
Kisses to all !

renault estafette cylindre de roue double circuit

renault r4 4l repartiteur de freinage arriere 3 voies

And now, a new 8x40 crown wheel and pinion installed in a Estafette gearbox!
Soon ready to return to our client!
See you soon for your gearbox!

Kisses to all and this weekend, make us photos of your beautiful cars!

renault estafette couple conique 8x40 pose vehicules anciens fr

We have just agreed to the launch of this new project on the 1100 and 1300 engine mounts for Renault Estafette!

We are waiting for prototypes before starting production, as usual!

You can already book yours (knowing that they will not be available immediately) in the section Renault Estafette> Engine> Engine mounts.

See you soon !

renault estafette silent bloc support moteur

renault estafette silent bloc support moteur 1100

Heyhey !!

We just returned this part, old stock in a perfect state of conservation ! It will be ideal to finish a beautiful restoration!

Available in Estafette> Exterior> Rear View Mirrors

renault estafette piece retroviseur ancienne generation

That's it, we advance on the windscreen and rear window seals of all our models ! Factory direct bonded, for a finish like the original and increased strength! Coool !!

renault estafette joint lunette arriere collé d usine