That's it, our parts for fixing, supporting the rear shelf of your Renault R4 4L have arrived! There's just !

nouveaute renault r4 4l vehicules anciens fr

Heyheyhey!! Since the time we promise his return!
The fabrics of the 4L vans will be back soon!!
To be continued!!

tissus renault r4 4l fourgonnette

As you all know, we always use our cars for our private and professional trips! Here is my F4, in the GM campsite!

See you soon,


renault r4 4l f4 vehicules anciens fr


Little point arrivals, it's unlocked!! Dates to be taken with tweezers!!
May :
- 4L accelerator pedals, two confirmed price versions,
- rear 4L plastic supports,
June July :
- Estafette brake shoe springs,
- 4L new price protection plate kit 🤩🤩
- fix on ceiling light lens (black or white), slightly taller version to improve operation,
August :
- accelerator cable, full kit with attachment to the metal pedal as on the billancourt included,
- starter cable 83-> 92 with ignition on the tdb,
- ...
There you go, with the 4x100 project still in progress, the manufacture of Renault Estafette aluminum radiators (heating, meca fan radiator, elec fan radiator), gallery 4L...
In short, it will still move in 2023 😍😍😍

pedale accelerateur renault 4 4l r4

Thanks to FX from the organization of 4Alpes (Medical), whom you may have already requested on the raid, for this photo which brings back very good memories!!

See you soon,


renault estafette 4alpes

Today, assembly, test and tutorial for the electronic ignition kit in the Estafette distributor. Please note, the original Estafette igniter is not suitable for installing the Hall effect ignition kit.
Why the choice of this system: The set has about 150€, and in case of failure, just the Hall effect module to change for 49.90€ 😉
So far, it's very conclusive, I have to do a road test, but I'm not worried, the same kit on my 4L F4 produces very good results (and I fired the vacuum capsule).
Brief ! Soon news!!
See you soon, Martin!

allumeur electronique renault estafette
Did I already tell you that VA was 2 hangars for a total of almost 600m2 of storage? And it's often full 😅😅 Enjoy the weekend! See you soon, Martin.
hangar stockage vehicules anciens fr

Weekend under the sun! We take advantage of these moments to meet up with friends, around a good meal and with our beautiful Renault R4 4L or Renault Estafette! Don't hesitate to take out the paws of Eph, it's time!! See you soon, Martin.

renault R4 4L F4 pantalon pattes deph

When you do the Renault R4 4L rasso, it's at work every day! See you soon, Martin.

renault r4 4L devant boutique

I am looking for a tester who will have to very quickly mount a Renault R4 F6 van windscreen seal (large windscreen), so that I can validate the production (conforming seal, glued in the factory).
Terms :
- have placed orders on our site,
- immediate assembly after receipt.
The first to answer with their customer number receives the part to be tested!
See you soon, Martin.

test joint pare brise renault r4 4L F6
test joint pare brise renault r4 4L F6 2