Arrival on the following references:
- Double circuit wheel cylinders Estafette,
- 4L 3-way brake distributor,
- Estafette 3-way brake distributor,
It's not a beautiful announcement that before the weekend ??
Our work paid! We managed to get a small part of the production from the factory in order to speed up the troubleshooting of the customers waiting. So, we should have 50 pairs of dual circuit cylinders, 50 3-way R4 4L splitters, and 50 3-way splitters for Renault Estafette in first half of April!
First to order, first served! After, it will wait until this summer!
Kisses to all !

renault estafette cylindre de roue double circuit

renault r4 4l repartiteur de freinage arriere 3 voies

And now, a new 8x40 crown wheel and pinion installed in a Estafette gearbox!
Soon ready to return to our client!
See you soon for your gearbox!

Kisses to all and this weekend, make us photos of your beautiful cars!

renault estafette couple conique 8x40 pose vehicules anciens fr

We have just agreed to the launch of this new project on the 1100 and 1300 engine mounts for Renault Estafette!

We are waiting for prototypes before starting production, as usual!

You can already book yours (knowing that they will not be available immediately) in the section Renault Estafette> Engine> Engine mounts.

See you soon !

renault estafette silent bloc support moteur

renault estafette silent bloc support moteur 1100

Heyhey !!

We just returned this part, old stock in a perfect state of conservation ! It will be ideal to finish a beautiful restoration!

Available in Estafette> Exterior> Rear View Mirrors

renault estafette piece retroviseur ancienne generation

That's it, we advance on the windscreen and rear window seals of all our models ! Factory direct bonded, for a finish like the original and increased strength! Coool !!

renault estafette joint lunette arriere collé d usine

We advance on the offer of brake drums.
So, soon (end of May or end of June according to references), we complete the offer with:
> BEFORE 200mm,
> REAR 160mm for 4L before 76,
> REAR 160mm for 4L after 76,
The indicated deadline includes a margin of error of 1 additional month compared to the date indicated by the manufacturer!

renault R4 4L offre tambour

Eheheh !!

It valid proto, and the proto that will validate access to brittle spots without farting the oil pan :-)

Youhouhou !!

Good weekend to all friends !!

renault estafette plaque de protection montage

We advance in the availability of repair parts for Renault Estafette. Here one of the two jack holders for Renault Estafette. Soon the other one available.

renault estafette pièce chassis support cric

Now available, our cans of engine oil or gearbox for Renault Estafette or R4 4L!

Discover all the viscosity and prices on the site!

renault estafette R4 4l bidon d huile renault estafette R4 4l bidon d huile moteur ou boite de vitesses

And now, the towing ring for Renault Estafette now available !! More stress to know where to hang his strap to tow a Estafette!

renault estafette anneau remorquage