Mind you , some time ago , we told you that one of our Estafette would play in a movie directed by Catherine Corsini including in the famous actors Cécile de France , no less !! Well here's to you a small picture of selection of the film " La Belle Saison " , released in theaters last summer ! We advise you to watch it, not only for the beautiful self lying in the coil, but for the nice story that is told there !

Place the images !

estafette microcar luxe

Estafette microcar luxe

Estafette exhaust pipeWe started the production of Estafette exhausts, which will be delivered to us between 1 month and a half and two months .

You therefore have that time to enjoy our presale price !

Presale Rates:
- Exhaust first model (full line): € 139.90 instead of € 159.90
- Exhaust second model (full line): € 179.90 instead of € 199.90 Go

Here to order yours !

We received our supplier 2 sample covers pedal that we are putting in remanufacturing . They are superb !! They dress well for Estafette pedals . 

These pedal covers are still available in advance at a preferential price , for those who have not yet ordered !!

(On the picture, the original and the remanufactured ! Will you identificate them ?)

Estafette pedal cover

The Aluminium door stowage for Estafette are now available ! 49,90€ each.

vide poche estafette

Hello everyone !

We wish you all the best for this new year 2016 ! We hope to see you even more on the road with your beautiful and Estafette Renault 4 !

To start the year on a good way, we begin with a special offer on Estafette hitch !

ONLY 199.90€* (at the place of 249.90€)

estafette hitch

(*without shipping cost)


We must also maintain our cars !! Today operation on luxury microcar that must deliver parts of Paris! Wheel cylinders on dual circuit system are out of order ! This is an opportunity to ride our kit to go from dual to simple, already well proven !! Remember, this kit includes the master cylinder and wheel cylinders, the latter being far less expensive then, as part of a routine maintenance !!

estafette microcar luxe

The radiators for 4L with Billancourt engine are available. 189.90€.

The remanufactured Estafette Exhaust pipes prototypes arrived ! We test it on our vehicules before starting the production.

You can reserve your by advance order and paiment ! Click here !

We love it !

Pictures :

echappement estafette

echappement estafette

Starters for Cléon engines are available :

Ref. Cléon 4L 75,90€ with no return of your old part !!
Ref. Cléon Estafette

Démarreur Estafette et 4L

Now available, the 4L, R4 spare parts catalog of vehicules-anciens.fr ! Refund when you valid a 100€ basket !

catalogue 4L