Do you remember ? Did you know? Impossible to find among all the brands available, a ball joint that "match" perfectly with our dear Renault 4, R4, 4L : The rejection of the transplant!

It was necessary to grind there, it was necessary a cardan with a bowl of this dimension, even of R5 with ball to be able to mount it with the new ball joint, otherwise, NO BALL !

Well for our clients, this episode is END !!

Our new VADEV ball joint are compliant. We looped the loaf of sandwich bread, then the bread roll with palm oil, then "OH! Génial", bread without oil palm!

You can order the ball joint here : I'll get my ball joint mount directly, without fuss, without blah.

Well, now, we go on vacation :-) !!

Kisses to all and be wise!

R4 4L rotule suspension infrieure 100 conforme VADEV 5

*** PARTS R4 4L *** PARTS R4 4L *** PARTS R4 4L ***

That's it, we are there, the products are being manufactured, and the first ones are coming! We are working on the 4L rubber parts with a higher shore than the origin (SHORE A), to, in particular, improve the service life, but also, the precision of the running gear in particular.

We started with the rear elastic joints, which you can already find on our website!

This joint serves to replace a mechanical joint on a small amplitude movement to limit maintenance (lubrication, mechanical wear ...) and limit friction. Little by little, the term silent bloc replaced this notion of mechanical articulation.

As you will have understood, an increased hardness will therefore improve road holding in general, acceleration, braking, precision ...

Find these pieces by clicking on the image!

VA33021 1 R4 4L silent bloc train arrire shore 80 2

*** PARTS 4L R4 *** PARTS 4L R4 *** PARTS 4L R4 ***

We thank Clément for these nice pictures, which will send us on a weekend with the smile !!

Bumper fittings welded well used !! (Https://

And the grilles of fires well installed ( !!

Thank you Clement!

 ferrureprotge phares

ferrureprotge phares 2


That's it, we have the clips to repair your carburetors.

These clips, inserts for SOLEX carburetor barrel are now available.

More info by clicking on the image

clips inserts bielette carburateur solex


4L windshield light brackets mount on the estafette, for fighters arriving late on # park4night spots! Enjoy!

more info by clicking on the image!

renault estafette phares additionels montant pare brise

Remember, we had this specific order from a fan client of Matra Djet. For the little info, the gearbox of this car is almost identical to that of the Estafette.

The goal of the mission is to pass this set in standard 31 flutes. Successful bet, the pieces were received and validated by our client.

Precision: we are not specialists Matra Djet, and are not led to create a multibrand site, or even other than 4L and Estafette. However, our ability to produce interests clubs, companies or individuals who want to develop a series that they will then exploit.

moyeu arbre matra djet

Our job holds surprises! Here, a delivery of parts near the BEAUDUC beach !!

We know by heart this beautiful corner, beautiful place to come and enjoy a moment in furnished van! If you want more infos on this spot, we can inform you !!

Good weekend to all !!

renault estafette livraison beauduc


That's ok the montages of long conical couples !!

These cool, customers who contact us about it want to ride, really, ride and enjoy their #van !! So, during your next road trips, you will cross the estafette. Do not be surprised if, for once, the driver and passenger do not talk to you screaming like crazy ???

# 7x35 # 8x40 #renault #staff #coupleconic #van # vanaménagé

(photo of the secret workshop where the magic takes place, because we are not only sellers of pieces)

Find the piece by clicking on the picture !!

Renault estafette bote vitesse couple conique long 8 x 40

What would the expertise of a specialist be, if his passion could not be read in his daily life?

Indeed, we are always on the road, weeks like week end, in our dear Estafette or Renault 4L, R4! All the time in the process of exploiting the possibility of freedom that our cars offer us.

Since our youngest time, we collect these models, and it is this craze that allows us today to answer all your questions accurately !!

Here, a small part of our collection, dear to our heart, waiting patiently the passage in restoration :-)

Renault estafette attente restauration

Showdown for this small Renault 4. And yet, not at all!

The beauty got away with the congratulations of the jury.

Well, we did not go far, just a deposit transfer :-)

4L billancourt renault estafette