Now you can order ! Estafette fuel gauge are available !

estafette fuel gauge

The Estafette water pump are now available !! 99,90€. Clic on the picture to order !

pompe à eau estafette

Look how beautiful it is !!

Estafette fuel gauge are in production and will soon arrive in our stock. Soon .... you know what quality reproduction means , dates announced from generally being pushed ;) But it is in the pipes.

estafette fuel gauge


Here it is, the manufacture of sample is ongoing, and we validate for the product , take photos and show you all that !!
Sold online only complete , € 179.90 excluding postage.
You can book yours now , delivery is scheduled for the beginning of the year 2016.

échappement estafette


We moved this Estafette yesterday. Nothing shocks you ?


Here is our new kit raid skid plates, 4L . He takes into account the latest enhancements. Welcome to V2.0 kit !!

protection plates 4L

Here is the latest arrival ! As usual, we will store it until a client with a project.



The number one arrived. There some time for the series (delivery in mid-October ), but the prototype is there. It is impeccable !!

Reserve yours !! 

vide poches estafette

Silicone hoses water system estafette

The hoses kits for Estafette with mechanical ventilator are now available !

Find the item at this link.

Estafette on our Saviem SG2

Renault Estafette