When our customers make pictures of other guests :-)
It's great, it gives us great pleasure to have our little place in this fabulous world of the Renault 4 and the Estafette!
And where is your sticker?

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renault r4 4l de notre cliente

Hollow seal of 4L doors back !!
This time we received our cargo of 5000 linear meters, so before the next break, we are wide !! :-)
Kisses to all !!

renault r4 4l joint creux le retour

renault 4l marque vadev autocollant

renault estafette marque vadev autocollant

The silent blocks of upper and lower arms have arrived :-)

Nickel, a good thing done! It remains to raise them friends!

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renault estafette silent bloc bras suspension train avant

The weekend is the weekend!
We hope yours was as good as ours !!
In search of a place painter to sleep, quiet! It does not seem, but this passage was not so obvious!
Enjoy the time left before the return to taff !!
Kisses to all !!

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renault estafette hifly surfwagon a la recherche d un spot

We give you all the rendezvous at Le Temps Jadis from 4th to 8th of July 2019 for our gathering 4l, Estafette and derivatives at the "Haras National" of Uzes!
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more info on http://letempsjadis.fr

rassemblement 4L estafette le temps jadis

It was in 2011!
We have not invented passion, we are, and our cars roll, and reroll and reroll!
We are certainly not the best, no, but we are genuine, and invested in being concerned, and inscribed in a logic of trying to do the best, to ride, every day, all the time, everywhere, with our cars :-)
(I took these pictures on our page of Estafette's association R2136.com).
The blue, mine (Martin), and the orange (Damien) who had made a long way with us :-)

renault estafette bac sable 3

Soon, the weekend !!
What are the friends expected by the weather forecast?
Date ? Family walk? Mechanical...
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renault estafette a beauduc vehicules anciens fr

r4 4l estafette embouteillage

The second half of November was particularly difficult for supplies and road traffic. Breaks have therefore appeared in our catalog!

Following some requests from some of you, we have listed some quick tips for setting up the R4 4L VA65011-3 tailgate lower seal.

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See you soon !

r4 4l joint infrieur de hayon berline pice caoutchouc VA65011 3 3