THERE IS ANOTHER THING TO DO WHAT TO COMPLETE A BASKET when programming your oil change!

Find our kits stored, in order to save time !!

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Forward for the maintenance of your beautiful car !!!

kit vidange renault 4L R4 Estafette 2

kit vidange renault 4L R4 Estafette



Here is our novelty, being manufactured at our supplier, the prototype being validated !!

A beautiful aluminum tank! Just see the pictures to convince yourself of the beauty of the product! Soon available, it will delight all fans of Estafette to replace their tank!

More info by clicking on the image!

rservoir renault estafette alu2

This is because we want to see them roll, because we are the first to use them, because we are attached to this heritage, that we want the room for our dear cars, and, if for this equestrian show actually, our Renault 4 carries the panel "End", it will not be on our roads or in our hearts that these cars will stop turning, rolling, being cherished !! # renault4 # 4l # r4 #vehiclesanciensfr #legend (no car used in this photo is destroyed or abandoned, this is fiction, Monday, it returns to taf to carry your parcels! :-))


renault 4L R4 f4 vehicules anciens fr 0

renault 4L R4 f4 vehicules anciens fr

Our clients, Claire and her friend, enjoy each day of their Estafette !! Worried before their departure, the good advice of Antho allowed them to regain the confidence in their small van to lead them on the magnificent Corsican roads!

The holding of their blog will tell you a lot about this nice couple in love with their beautiful car!

More info by clicking on the image!

ride renault estafette corse


Friends who ride in Estafette, one of the most worrying weaknesses of our vehicle is that this information that we always remember our elders who knew the vehicle on the roads: "Be careful, you will lose your wheel!"

Indeed, the Estafette Hub / Gimbal assembly is not the most efficient system developed by Renault! This assembly, during disassembly, must be reassembled carefully, and in particular with the ROU10 tool that measures the frictional force between the two parts. Once worn, this resistance is no longer sufficient, a game is created and increases until the beat is shearing the pin of the nut. This one releases, then the hub with the drum. It only remains to try to stop the vehicle with the least possible damage, without brake (as a set jaws + wheel cylinder is no longer surrounded by the drum, all the pressure is lost here).

As we drive a lot, we developed our kit, extensively tested, that solves this problem!

More info by clicking on the image!

renault estafette moyeux anti perte roue


In order to be exhaustive, after a replica of the lighthouse look vintage MARCHAL, here comes the lighthouse with glass look CIBIE, for fans of the brand.

Produced by VADEV (Vehicules-Anciens.fr DEVeloppement), this new product is designed to satisfy our customers as much as possible, with a very good quality of finish for a top price!


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phare cibi 4L R4 ESTAFETTE

phare VADEV cibi 4L R4 ESTAFETTE 2

*** 4L R4 PARTS *** 4L R4 PARTS *** 4L R4 PARTS *** 4L R4 PARTS ****

New, a ramp of front lights of the most beautiful fiber effect available in your favorite shop!

To complete our range of additional front lighting for the participants of the various Raid R4 4L, this set may attract more than one fan of the discipline!

And for the launch of this new product, a promo that falls perfectly! more info by clicking on the image!

kit support phares fibre 4L R4 5

And here is a project that we were entrusted with which is very interesting! A hub and wheel shaft prod for Matra Djet, to have a current standard 31-flute assembly. Loïc, who noted that we had already worked for the hubs of Estafette entrusted us with the mission. This one is well advanced and the prototypes, machined, are left for the broaching and the cutting!

Upon receipt of the parts equipped with their 31 grooves, we send them to Loïc for a test in real, before the launch of the prod! For those who are interested, you can contact him directly at the email address: l.ueberschlag(at)yahoo.com

moyeu 12

We all have to take his trouble. Now, the guy who follows us, knows we know, he can not tell us what was explained to him! In short, it's easy to understand yet!

Available on the site here for Renault 4 R4 4L, and here for Renault Estafette !

autoc pente

The Renault Estafette and Renault 4 are simple and practical ways to transform your weekend into a fantastic getaway. Whether you're going far or you're shooting around, these human-scale vehicles will be your best companions!
The vehicules-anciens.fr team, Anthony, Sandrine and Martin use only these models for trips that are not done on foot, by bike, to go shopping or to go on a weekend!
We also find our friends, with whom we share good times to take the break of the work week :-)
Last time, we took the opportunity to make this little video, which reflects our "lifestyle" around our machines!
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