Dear clients,

We always provide our service, shipments continue to leave until further notice.

However, it seems likely, in light of the latest measures taken by the government this weekend, that packages cannot be dropped off at collection points.

We have temporarily disabled the possibility of sending your package to a collection point. For all those who have chosen a collection point when ordering this weekend, an email will be sent to them, offering them delivery directly to their home without additional cost compared to the collection point offer.

We thank you for your understanding in this particular period.

We remain at your disposal for any further information,


All the team

Exclusively at!

That's it, we have concluded, and we have successfully completed our project! We restart a production of the famous Ducelliers igniters with the conforming curves!

Available within 10 weeks, you can already book yours :-)

References :

> VA17011-9,
> VA17011-9B,

See you soon on the road :-)

Allumeur Ducellier

That's it, our rear window seals for Renault R4 4L have arrived :-)

Both assemblies are available:
> Without key, mounting the gasket to the string,
> With key, mounting the joint to the string, then inserting a chrome or black rod,

renault 4l r4 joint de lunette arriere avec cle

Find all the products by clicking here :-)

That's it, the Renault Estafette rear suspension silent blocks are finally available :-)

You can book them now on your favorite site by following this link !

renault estafette silent bloc de train arriere

That's it, the ceiling lights are available on our website :-)

We will see more clearly on our maps or Road Book, it will avoid finishing the first stage of the 4Alpes at 2 am 'ahahah!

You can order now! Launch price!

To take advantage of it, following this link !

plafonnier renault R4 4L estafette

Renault R4 4L tissus orange noir rectangle 2

Hello everyone,

Here is officially the adventure of two Renault 4 enthusiasts determined to produce a quality refabrication of the orange / black check fabric for their beautiful car. We will update the progress of this project as the information is presented to us.

We vouch for helping to finance what will be missing for the realization of the project!

Our motivations are diverse. It seems essential to us to help a project like this, which will never be profitable. Among all our remanufactures, several are also to fall into the category "patronage", or I do not know which word to attribute to them, because their profitability will never be possible!

But it seems to us necessary for a company concerned and run by enthusiasts of these models, to help other enthusiasts who want to release something! These are the same motivations that push us to invest in our event "Le Temps Jadis", our announcements site "", forums ... which are so many places and energies dedicated to our dear cars!

In addition it has a double meaning for us, they are also witnesses "not concerned", that is to say, without commercial ambition, of an adventure of remanufacturing, with its constraints of means, mobilization of cash, exchanges with different trades, development of specifications, a communication strategy ... These are aspects that are part of our daily life, we (who) (re) manufacture parts for our Renault 4 and courier.

In short, their palpable enthusiasm, their joys in discovering a new interested "client", their intact motivation which reminds us of the beginnings in this way make us happy and motivate us!

We are also launching here a signal to the entire Renault 4 and Estafette community: We are also and above all your partner! Our motivation to start this story in 2014 was to run our cars, manufacturing our parts according to our quality criteria and having the possibility of bringing our level of requirement to them. Long, difficult, but rewarding and so interesting work!

In short, my blah is over, make way for the beautiful story!

"Go ahead Joseph, you're in R4!"
So here it is, it's not over but it's in progress.
Uzes> Le Mans> Tours> Uzes as a family with our little TL, magnificent like everything!
After the first stage, the car is already full!
But it is done !!
We hope you are well spoiled !!
Kisses to all !!
We drive with our parts:

renault r4 4L TL vehicules anciens fr

Tell me guys!
Who is it who wished me good holidays ? ;-)))
Come on, let's get there.
Kisses to all and see you in 2020 :-)))!

renault R4 4L vehicules anciens fr

renault R4 4L vehicules anciens fr 2