8x40 crown wheel and pinion for Renault Estafette, equivalent to 7x35.

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8x40 crown wheel and pinion for Renault Estafette mounted with a gearbox type 329 compatible. See the pictures of the product to ensure compatibility.

This crown wheel and pinion has a ratio of 5 (8x40) longer than the original one. This increases by about 17% all the gear ratios and speed, OR, it reduces the equivalent speed of the motor revolutions (it depends on how one reads the effect of this 17%).

This set produces a magical effect on the use of the vehicle, which becomes very pleasant to drive.

Coupled with a 1400cc Cleon, this is perfect.

Consumption will not necessarily be much less, but the gain in driving comfort is undeniable.

We use every day or every occasion our cars with this assembly. We have even crossed France several times with Anthony's Renault Service, hooked up a car carrier with an Estafette on it, and the long conical couple with the 1400 is top.

8x40 crown wheel and pinion,
Equivalent 7x35,
For box type 329,
This part is tested on vehicles that have already rolled since the first production.
Look on the product pictures if your gearbox is compatible,
For any Renault Estafette with gearbox type 329 compatible,

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