Bearing for belt tensioner. For Renault Estafette, R4 or 4L.

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  • 1.00 x Bearing. (VAROUL-0002)

This bearing for the belt tensioner for Renault Estafette, R4, 4L, saloon, van F4 or F6, will be mounted in place of the old, without modification.

Very good bill, it will ensure its function for many years.

It is advisable to regularly check the status of this bearing, which, with a little play can quickly break down.

We also advise you to put a copy, in duplicate, of this bearing in your first aid kit in case of breakdown on the road of your holidays.

WARNING, the assembly of a bearing must be done in the rules. Precision piece and fragile in some aspects, you must follow the mounting procedure, otherwise you may reduce significantly its life.

Ref. Renault Equivalente(s) : 77 03 090 247, 7703090247,


Your pulley looks like the one on the picture? (Presented without its support).

Bearing to change when the tensioner pulley of the water pump belt starts to get loose.
Bearing only, pulley not included in the kit, only presented to avoid mistakes in the choice of bearing.
Suitable for all models of Renault Estafette, Renault 4, R4, 4L equipped with this pulley.

Ref. Renault Equivalent (s):
- 77 03 090 247,
- 7703090247,
01-09-2021 18:20:58 customer ask:
Bonjour, sur cet article il y a juste le roulement ou bien la poulie est avec si il n-y a pas la poulie avec auriez vous une ref pour avoir une poulie avec le roulement déjà cintre dedans merci d'avance
Bonjour Charles, non, il ne s'agit que du roulement. Nous avons le produit complet pour Estafette, 4l à moteur Billancourt ou Cléon, qui comprends la platine, la poulie et roulement tout monté. A votre service, Martin.
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