Door locks for Renault Estafette with 2 keys, kit of two barrels for front door driver and tailgate, PREVENTE read conditions.

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Barrels for Renault Estafette with 2 keys. One piece for the driver's front door, and one piece for the tailgate.

Mounts in place of old parts.

Ref. Renault Equivalent (s): 08 54 145 800, 0854145800, 08 54 145 852, 0854145852, 08 53 828 700, 0853828700, 08 53 828 752, 0853828752,


Quality product. Exclusive DEVelopment.
We adjust the product as we have the prototype to validate it against !
Pre-sale. Preliminary delivery date: MAY 2018
Ref. Renault equivalent :
- 08 54 145 800,
- 08 54 145 852.
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