Moyeu/Cardan "don't lost your wheel" new assemblies kit. For two wheels.

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The Renault Estafette is the first "front wheel drive" of Renault. The technical solution that allows the creation of the hub is not reliable.

Originally, this assembly is based on a mechanical resistance between the hub framed in red on the picture below and the cardan.

estafette moyeu cardan

The cardan rests on the spindle bearings. This solution works if it is possible, when reassembling with the tool ROU10, to find the resistance recommended by the manufacturer (about 600KG) when assembling the hub on the cardan.

From the appearance of the 4L, the manufacturer has chosen another technical solution, found everywhere : the hub is an entire piece, which is carried by the bearings of the spindle. The cardan simply plays the role of transmitting rotational motion to the wheel.

The problem of the Estafette comes from this assembly "in force" on the splines of the cardan. When you can no longer respect the resistance of 600KG to the installation of the hub on the cardan, it is that it takes the game. As the use of the Estafette, this game will be amplified , until the flap is enough to break the safety pin of the nut, and that the drum / wheel assembly leaves the cardan, causing what the ancients call "the loss of the wheel".

Today, no cardan manufacturer who reconditions old parts does not dwell on the value of the original values of the splines on the cardan side. And even if he did, it would have to be in agreement with the values ​​of the hub; you will understand that if you have a worn axis, that you put it to the original value, it will be necessary to do it according to the hole in which it must enter, which it has also used itself.

To date, the machining, broaching and shaft cutting processes could allow us to redo the original part, starting with a foundry blank, for the gimbal head or the hub.

But, even if embarking on a project of this scale, we have chosen to offer you a new assembly, with cardan and hub redesigned, to equip your Estafette with recent, durable and safe technology.

This idea has given birth to this kit. The hubs are machined using current technology, the hubs are broached in straight splines, which allows for more groove and better transmission of effort. We are remanufacturing the hub carrier to allow the use of a bearing and hub of our design.

This technical solution has already been installed for a long time on our vehicles which have traveled many kilometers, and many customers aware of the value of their life and wishing to preserve their Renault Estafette for a long time have already trusted us.


Hub / universal joint kit for Renault Estafette,
For Estafette from 1969,

Pre-sale ! WARNING: Parts sold in exchange for the old half-wheels in working order and degreased, namely:
=> Left and right spindles,
=> Left and right hub,
=> Left and right handed cardan (do not disassemble the box tulip, you must keep it).
=> Brake pad (without the brake system),
You will receive a set ready to mount on your car.
Parts not homologated on open road,
For any Renault Estafette from 1969,

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04-10-2022 16:48:18 customer ask:
Bonjour j'ai une estafette 20/04/1976 avec une perte de roue avant droite filetage du cardan très abimée comment procède ton?
Bonjour, pour acquerir ce kit, il faut l'acheter puis nous envoyer les pièces de Renault Estafette demandées dans l'onglet document du produit. Voici le lien : Je vous souhaite une bonne journée, Martin.

30-11-2020 14:03:47 customer ask:
Bonjour les Dudes. je n'ai pas encore démonter le train avant de ma 69. Jusqu'à a quelle date est la prévente? normalement j attaque le démontage cette semaine. Bonne semaine.
Bonjour Geoffroy, le prix promo est valable jusqu'au 31 décembre 2020. Mais tu peux passer commande, et démonter tranquillement ensuite, cela validera le tarif, si tu le souhaite :-) Bonne fin d'année mec, Martin.

06-10-2020 13:21:49 customer ask:
Bonjour, les filets de vis des arbres à cardan doivent-ils être utilisables? Vous avez besoin du hub MfG J.Böschen
Bonjour Joerg, non, vous aurez des cardans d'une nouvelle technologie, qui n'auront rien à voir avec vos anciennes pièces. A votre service, Martin.
Delivery time: Shipped after work done on your old part. This must be cleaned and well packaged only (otherwise, invoicing for cleaning). Part to be neither destroyed, nor frozen, nor burnt.
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