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Blog: World of R4 & Estafette

Hey, guys, 11 pallets of 4L brake drums! We paid the beer, but at 7:00 we did not have many people ;-) ;-) ;-)

So, still new stock to roll our beautiful cars! :-)

renault r4 4l tambours de frein

Arrival on the following references:
- Double circuit wheel cylinders Estafette,
- 4L 3-way brake distributor,
- Estafette 3-way brake distributor,
It's not a beautiful announcement that before the weekend ??
Our work paid! We managed to get a small part of the production from the factory in order to speed up the troubleshooting of the customers waiting. So, we should have 50 pairs of dual circuit cylinders, 50 3-way R4 4L splitters, and 50 3-way splitters for Renault Estafette in first half of April!
First to order, first served! After, it will wait until this summer!
Kisses to all !

renault estafette cylindre de roue double circuit

renault r4 4l repartiteur de freinage arriere 3 voies