*** PARTS R4 4L *** PARTS R4 4L *** PARTS R4 4L ***

That's it, we are there, the products are being manufactured, and the first ones are coming! We are working on the 4L rubber parts with a higher shore than the origin (SHORE A), to, in particular, improve the service life, but also, the precision of the running gear in particular.

We started with the rear elastic joints, which you can already find on our website!

This joint serves to replace a mechanical joint on a small amplitude movement to limit maintenance (lubrication, mechanical wear ...) and limit friction. Little by little, the term silent bloc replaced this notion of mechanical articulation.

As you will have understood, an increased hardness will therefore improve road holding in general, acceleration, braking, precision ...

Find these pieces by clicking on the image!

VA33021 1 R4 4L silent bloc train arrire shore 80 2

VA33021 9 R4 4L silent bloc train arrire shore 80