Hey, thanks to you and your trust, we can develop small projects that are out of the ordinary. Here, we are talking about fitting 4x100 rims, to widen the choice of rims (look, width, diameter) for example, to better balance the wheel attachment!

I agree, I didn't choose the best rims for the test (in fact, I stole the wheels from Sandrine's Twingo ^^ ). But, it was necessary to do the test to check the dimensions and positioning, and for the rims, to work on the ETs which can be mounted in place of the original rims. So the rims from twingo, if I'm not mistaken, from the 5x13 ET38.

Following this prototype assembly, I went back to stock, to still enjoy my beautiful 3-hole Minilite VA35011-MNL rims!

So much for yesterday's news!


moyeu 4x100