News Project 4x100.
Well, little rabbits, suddenly, I'm waiting for new prototypes for this project, because in the end, I chose not to keep the original 4L studs and to switch to M12x150, which seems more logical ( and more practical to do stupid things 🤩🤩).
As a result, this leads to a fixatic of the discs reviewed and corrected, and unlike the first project, the use of 4L discs will not be possible (if there is a revolt of the people, I can still go out with gongs in M10 and the use of 4L discs).
In both cases, we obviously keep the hub carrier, caliper, bearings of the 4 L 😘😘😘
In short, to be continued!!
Well, see you later little cats 😍😍😍
PS: worse for the moment, I fit into the budget of 500€ the 4 wheels bearings and discs included 😅😅
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projet 4x100 renault r4 4l