Note Renault Estafette and R4 rear brakes:
I take this opportunity to work on my body to remind you that for the Renault Estafette and R4 having the distributor controlled by the load (pallet which presses on the piston of the distributor by means of a rod for the Estafette), it is necessary to bleed the system with the rear wheel activating the distributor (on the right on the estaf) on the ground (or any means that simulates the wheel on the ground), so as to open the distributor for the purge!
The function of the latter is to reduce the effectiveness of braking at the rear in the event of heavy braking which transfers all the mass to the front wheels (generally when empty). The rear arm, moving away from its original position, releases the distributor piston (similar effect to lifting the body with a jack, wheel hanging). The piston moves and reduces or closes the supply of brake fluid to the rear wheels.
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