This 4L GTL has to the Office of a surprise !! Provided by us, a small revision, changing tires , hoses, bumpers, a good wash once ... so that the customer succeeds his shot !! But chuuuuuuut !! you must keep it a secret !



The lucky's autostar's Owner want us to make this engine start again ! ;) Great Estafette !!


The differential crown wheel & pinion are well out in manufacturing . This time , they will be sold in a kit including almost all bearings, seals and synchro ! The selling price of the complete kit will be € 1,690 . Presales stop at the end of September , after production starts.


Estafette exhaust pipes are in the truck. This is the end of remanufacturing.

echappement estafette 

Now available !! Cool !


The procedure for assembling the 7x35 or 8x40 gearbox part on a Estafette is an act that requires discipline and patience.

Already mounted on a high series vehicles , the returns are good. We will soon restart manufacturing, for the month of March 2016 , to meet those who have not had the chance of the first edition.

Recently, mounting our Estafete Microcar Deluxe 1979 will once again validate the play, with , this time in the test, in 1300 the original engine.


Who needs staples for Estafette side wand? 100% made in France , 100% INOX !!

agrafes baguette latérale estafette

Mind you , some time ago , we told you that one of our Estafette would play in a movie directed by Catherine Corsini including in the famous actors Cécile de France , no less !! Well here's to you a small picture of selection of the film " La Belle Saison " , released in theaters last summer ! We advise you to watch it, not only for the beautiful self lying in the coil, but for the nice story that is told there !

Place the images !

estafette microcar luxe

Estafette microcar luxe

Estafette exhaust pipeWe started the production of Estafette exhausts, which will be delivered to us between 1 month and a half and two months .

You therefore have that time to enjoy our presale price !

Presale Rates:
- Exhaust first model (full line): € 139.90 instead of € 159.90
- Exhaust second model (full line): € 179.90 instead of € 199.90 Go

Here to order yours !

We received our supplier 2 sample covers pedal that we are putting in remanufacturing . They are superb !! They dress well for Estafette pedals . 

These pedal covers are still available in advance at a preferential price , for those who have not yet ordered !!

(On the picture, the original and the remanufactured ! Will you identificate them ?)

Estafette pedal cover