Parts to ship to us for the Renault Estafette "anti wheel loss" front axle kit VA3501-KAPR

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the cancellation of the order and a return of your parts which will not be refunded.

 In the package that will be sent to our company SAS VEHICULES ANCIENS FR, here are the parts to include and the characteristics they must meet:

  • Do not send the old gimbals,
  • Do not send screwed gimbal tulips in the box,
  • Do not send the original hubs, part with the splines,
  • Do not send brake shoes, wheel cylinders, springs, any other part not mentioned below,

To be sent, transport at your expense, make sure that the packaging is perfectly adapted, nothing missing will be replaced, we do not take care of the cleaning of the parts for machining:

  • Spindles with the bearings removed, all the grease removed, and the parts perfectly cleaned and degreased (A),
  • Brake plates perfectly cleaned and degreased, in good condition (C),
  • Fittings and screws resulting from the dismantling of the brake plates,

The assembly at our workshop includes the assembly of the brake plates and bearings on the spindles.

To note :

Please note that the hub carriers that you send to us may not be the ones that will be sent back to you. As far as possible and in order to improve reactivity, we have a stock of hub carriers ready in advance which will be used for the exchange.

To note :

  • Even at the request of the customer, we will not guarantee that his parts will be sent back to him,
  • Like all parts in exchange, it is impossible to negotiate that we send the new parts BEFORE having received the old ones,

Exceptional cases:

  • Damaged or non-original part,

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us using the information in the Contact section of the site.

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